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Tom Watson
20203 Hunters Point Drive
Georgetown, Texas 78633
(512) 818-1292


Over 30 years experience in information systems utilizing a wide variety of technologies that includes extensive experience with Linux/Unix and relational databases. For the past 15 years, I have been designing and developing applications using web technologies, open-source software. Information technology is my vocation and passion.


Management/Design - extensive experience managing small technical teams. Tasks including interviewing end users to gather program requirements, creating functional and technical design documentation, and database schema design.
System Administration/Tuning - expert in Linux and Windows administration; database administration; OS and SQL tuning.
Programming - developed a variety of applications using PHP, Javascript, shell scripting, SQL, C.
Installations - extensive experience installing and configuring Linux and Windows applications.
Training - Skilled at teaching programming and other technical material.
Manufacturing - knowledge of inventory, manufacturing, procurement, and financial applications.
Barcoding - extensive knowledge of barcode label printing.
Hardware - experienced with various computer hardware platforms including servers, PC's, hand-held scanners, bar-code printers, and PLC's.


Election Assistance Commission's VRT - Created agency's virtual report tool (VRT) used to manage projects and collect and report.
Web Sites - Created dynamic web sites using LAMP stack.
Open Source Migration - converted an ISP and a mortgage company from Microsoft applications to Linux, Apache, QMAIL, MySQL, PHP-based groupware, webmail and CMS, firewall, etc.
Crossdock Application - developed application to peg incoming material (receiving) to WIP jobs so that the material could be delivered to the manufacturing line instead of being put away.
Intranet Application Development - developed intranet application for service personnel to explode bill-of-materials from the ERP system using Web Server 3.0, PL/SQL, and Java.
Internet Application Development - developed internet applications using HTML and Javascript on the front-end and stored-procedures on the back-end.
On-line PO Application - helped develop and implement a Web application that allows the suppliers of a large manufacturing company to view and accept/decline purchase orders. A bar-coded shipping label is printed via the internet at the suppliers site which is subsequently scanned at the manufacturer's receiving dock.
Print Engine Development - developed and/or modified extensively aspects of the bar-code printing including WYSIWYG design integration, LP printserver, batch printing, and the ERP's concurrent request interface.
Carousel and Printer Integration - developed ClearOrbit's drivers for a White horizontal carousel and Monarch barcode printers.
System and Application Tuning - wrote or modified code to tune the system and applications for an extremely high-volume of ERP transactions. Code was written to monitor transactions so that chained transactions (i.e. receipt and WIP issue) were treated as an atomic operation and a complete rollback would occur if any part failed.
Data-Warehousing - constructed a data-warehouse using store procedures for the back-end and MS Visual Basic 5.0 for the front-end. Wrote interface from a Symix manufacturing and financial system to the data warehouse using Unix shell, Progress 4GL and 'C' API. Developed the front-end in Visual Basic.
Commission Application - developed Commission tracking system using PL/SQL and Oracle Forms 4.5.


University of Maryland - College Park, MD. 1983 Course-work in computer architecture (did not complete Masters). >
Computer Tech Institute - Baltimore, MD. 1982 HONOR GRADUATE.
Towson University - Baltimore, MD. 1980 Bachelor of Science, CUM LAUDE.



Technical consultant to U.S. Election Assistance Commission - developed VRT - virtual project management and reporting tool for federally certified elections systems. Other duties include reviewing testing labs' test plans and test reports; labs and manufacturing plants QA inspections.


I have been working as an independent consultant/contractor for several companies including:
U.S. Election Assistance Commission, Taktlogic, FundsXpress, Applied Materials, EFGS,, Liberty Hill Public Library .

1/99 --> 11/02 SENIOR CONSULTANT, ClearOrbit , Austin, TX.

Developing bar-code solutions for customers that automate transactions in the Oracle ERP manufacturing applications. Accounts included Alcoa, Cisco, Applied Materials and Motorola. Enhanced label printing engine by adding batch printing, group printing and the LP printserver. Conducted in-house and customer-site training classes on programming API's.

4/95 --> 12/98 SENIOR CONSULTANT, Database Consultants, Inc., Austin, TX.
Created a data warehouse application using Oracle for the back-end and MS Visual Basic for the front-end.
Developed intranet application for service personnel to explode bill-of-materials from the Oracle ERP system. Developed Commission tracking system.

3/93 --> 3/95 SENIOR PROGRAMMER/ANAYLST, CarboMedics, Inc., Austin, TX.
Provided UNIX expertise to transition MIS from HP 3000 to client/server environment, including guidance on hardware and software purchases. Performed system and database administration for Unix systems, and Oracle and Sybase databases. Developed interfaces between flat data sources and relational databases using Sybase and Oracle API's.
Wrote stored-procedures and triggers for client programs. Provided enhanced UNIX and database administration with 'C' programs and Unix scripts. Ported databases from Sybase to Oracle.

11/87 --> COMPUTER CONSULTANT, Austin, TX.
Serve on the Texas Secretary of State's 3 member certification board to evaluate electronic voting systems. Three times a year the board assembles to examine voting systems to determine if they meets the statutory requirements.

8/88 --> 3/93 SYSTEMS ENGINEER, AT&T/NCR, Austin, TX.
Consultant to WalMart, Inc. to assist in developing backup/restore system and system-time synchronization across 600+ stores; debugged help-desk problems.
Contracted to the Texas Dept. of Public Safety from 8/88 to 4/92. The data was transferred around the state using IBM's SNA network to and from a MODEL-204 database on the AMDAHL host in Austin. Duties included: project management, systems integration and software development. Designed and/or coded 90% of the custom code including user, database and communication interfaces. Developed a stream-lined system administration system and assisted DPS in rolling-out the system across the state. The project at DPS required a high degree of proficiency as the primary developer to meet project deadlines imposed by DPS and federal grant deadlines.

10/87 -8/88 UNIX/NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR, CYB Systems, Inc., Austin, TX.
Maintained a TCP/IP LAN consisting of 6 Unix and 6 DOS computers. CYB was a provider in the early days of commercial Unix. CYB developed UNITE, the first commercial product to integrate Unix and DOS machines. Provided the first-line troubleshooting for customer and in-house software/hardware problems. Developed menu-driven system for customers' Unix system administration.

8/84 -10/87 SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATOR-PROGRAMMER/ANALYST Secretary of State, Austin, TX.
Responsible for all aspects of a Unix network. Surveyed, evaluated, and installed hardware, operating systems and software. Developed and/or maintain systems including: Election Night Returns, Financial Disclosure Filings, Legislative Tracking, Primary Finance, Election Law Index, and Ballot Certification systems.